Afternoon Tea at Casa Angelina

Afternoon tea is not really my thing. I went to the Savoy for the landmark birthday of a friend a while back and really enjoyed it, but since then all that sweet stuff mid-afternoon just radiates that I’m not supposed to eat lunch or dinner that day which is generally unacceptable to me.


But with snowdays buggering up our midweek plans for Clark & Lake raclette, our Book Group settled upon an afternoon tea at Casa Angelina as our rescheduled option.

Part of the reason we chose there was because of their reputation for accommodating a broad range of dietary requirements. We had gluten free and vegetarian needs to accommodate. This was more than ably handled.

As on previous visits the place is a cosy and welcoming basement cafe. We sat round a large table and ordered teas – also opening some fizz which was BYO – before food began to arrive.


While we pondered the literary complexities of Jilly Cooper’s The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous, the expected tiered cake stands appeared.

Scones were on the top, cakes next, then a selection of savouries on the lower tier.

The savoury layer brought together Vietnamese spring rolls, a roasted veggie brioche, puff pastry tartlettes and spinach parcels. They were absolutely spot-on, five star entertainment – completely excellent.

The gluten free selection

The scones were dead good, too. We were largely defeated by the cake layer so we boxed these up to take home. I’m sure they were as splendid as they looked.

So overall, Casa Angelina may have restored my faith in the concept of afternoon tea. Their savoury selection was exceptional and will live long in the memory. Next time the mood takes you, head here and bring a good Jilly.

Bill: £22 per head

Written by BKR