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When I was putting together my best dishes of 2017 and wanted to include the glorious chips and cheese from Verona, I was surprised to find that I didn’t have a review posted to link to.


I’m not sure exactly what happened but the previous review seems to have got stuck in my inbox and never posted. I thought it was time to rectify that error.

Verona has become my go-to pizza delivery option not just because it’s very good, but also because their service is lightning fast. I live nearby but even considering that they’re helluva rapid.

My fairly regular order is a 14″ margherita, large chips and cheese plus a can of San Pellegrino. This nicely meets their minimum order of £11. With £2.50 delivery cost the bill came to £13.98. This is comfortably enough for food for two, by the way.

Chips n cheese

As usual the pizza was extremely good. In the Neapolitan style, the crust is puffed and the base thin and a little floppy. Fresh basil leaves added just the right herby goodness to the simple dish.

The chips and cheese were to their usual splendid standard. Very good skinny fries were topped with pizza cheese that was really well melted. It was a satisfying eat.

So overall, I’m glad to finally share in detail how much I enjoy Verona. I hear their fried chicken is also worth a look but I rarely get past my standard order. It’s a place I’d recommend to you particularly when looking for swift, artfully produced pizza.

Address: 12 Cadzow Place, Edinburgh EH7 5SN

Written by BKR