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Pacific Fish Bar

I haven’t quite mastered how to both comprehensively document a bus route for En route, en croute and time my hops on and off to actually stay well fed whilst I go.


One recent consequence of this was that I ended up at the terminus of the 41 at King’s Buildings in dire need of a feed in fairly unpromising and unfamiliar territory.

After a little stroll back towards town I alighted upon the Pacific Fish Bar on Mayfield Road. Proclaiming itself to be under new management it looked like just the thing to quickly tame my appetite.


I kept things pretty simple by ordering a bag of chips with my only choices being large or small (large – £2.50) and salt ‘n/’r sauce (just sauce).

The chips were freshly cooked to order so piping hot. This offset the torrent of rain that had arrived by the time I left. This made photos a challenge, so I sheltered at the bus stop.

The chips were good without setting the heather alight. The sauce brought its usual fruity charm and made for satisfying mouthfuls.

So overall, I enjoyed my brief stop at the Pacific Fish Bar. Their chips were good and saved me from further tummy rumbles in my hour of need. I’d be happy to pop back and give their fish and so on a try, so look forward to doing that perhaps when I’m mid-journey on the 42 or 67.

Address: 61 Mayfield Road, Edinburgh EH9 3AA

Written by BKR