February 8, 2018 Coffee shop, Old Town No Comments


I was thinking that I hadn’t seen much in the way of new coffee places of late when I immediately bumped into one and heard about another, both in police boxes.


The former is called Cheapshot and is located just over the road from Wildmanwood, round the corner from Kweilin and next to Lian Pu.

I’d chosen to visit when it was lashing it down with snow so I was envious of the counter man in his snug shelter.


I ordered my usual espresso (£2) which was immediately prepped. They are using Artisan Roast beans which is always good to see.

The espresso was soon with me and looked in good shape. It was prepared to a very good standard with a nice brightness to it. It warmed the cockles on a bitterly cold day.

So overall, I was impressed with Cheapshot. It’s a well positioned spot that should do well in addressing the needs of students and local workers alike. Stop by for a coffee next time you’re nearby.

Written by BKR