Although I’ve visited Blackwood’s, the Morningside branch of Jonathan Sharp’s little empire of coffee shops across Edinburgh, for some reason I’ve not written about it at length before.

This is possibly because I’ve generally only visited in passing and it has never made that strong an impression on me.

Having said that, it’s still a damn sight better than most places, with an extremely stylish interior featuring very elegant cornicing and a splendid central lighting feature.

Their coffee is from Squaremile. I ordered a Red Brick espresso (£2.10) which was swiftly made to order. I was taking away so with pleasantries and cash exchanged I was on my way.

It proved a very good shot with typical citrus brightness resolving quite nicely. It hit the spot.

So overall, I’m glad to finally review Blackwood’s. It’s a classy shop from a classy operator. While it remains marginally my least favoured from this stable, it still has much to recommend it. Give it a look next time you need coffee in Morningside.

Written by BKR