It felt like a long time since I’d visited popular deli wine bar Henri on Raeburn Place so when a mention of particularly fine sausages came my way it seemed a good opportunity to address that.


I’d previously visited fairly briefly for a pleasing bowl of soup on a chilly autumnal day. I made a note to revisit soon. Oops.

On this visit, I once more didn’t take advantage of their impressive selection of wines and other boozes, although I was tempted briefly by the North Sea Stout, which I still haven’t sampled.

Instead I stuck with espresso. They’re using a bespoke blend from local roastery Mr Eion. It was a distinct upgrade on their coffee from previous days and hit the spot very nicely.

Sausage sandwich

The sausage that had lured me here was called Saucisse de Stockbridge and is custom made by Puddledub to a spec of Henri’s devising. It’s in the Toulouse style.

It was lovely to renew acquaintances with Will, their chef, whom I know from previous stints at the Edinburgh Larder and Twelve Triangles.

The kitchen team set about prepping the item to order. It came on a fresh baguette with carmelized onions and Dijon mustard, and cornichons on the side.

It proved extremely good eating with a deeply meaty sausage encased in good quality bread with suitably piquant accompaniments. It gave me considerable food for thought as to how I might reflect its excellence when it comes time to assemble the results of sausage quest.

So overall, it was good to return to Henri. It’s a splendid place that deftly combines a deli counter shop with a relaxed and informal cafe bar space. It’s a place I should return to more often as it’s one of the city’s best in a style I greatly enjoy.

Blythe scores Henri
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16.5/20

I ate: saucisse de Stockbridge

I drank: water, espresso

I wore: iconic blue

Total bill: £9.95

Address: 48 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh EH4 1HL

Written by BKR