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Caffe Nero

I had one of the worst food experiences in all quests at Caffe Nero in Waverley Station. Although it was many years ago, it lives long in the dread banks of food hell.


But I’m nothing if not a fair man, willing to give even the most execrable pish a second chance.

With #sausagequest imperatives in mind I approached the sandwich cabinet with hopes that something vaguely relevant might lurk. I was pleased to see a roll featuring ‘butcher’s sausages’ (£3.20).

This was warmed at the counter by the hectic by quite endearing team of operatives. I didn’t risk the coffee. I munched the roll once aboard my train south.

Squidged thing

There are few things that annoy me more than the approach of filling a breakfast roll with three half split link sausages. It’s mean and corner cutting and it drives me mad.

The half-a-link-short-of-a-picnic sausages were decent if unspectacular. But this was still a massive improvement on the previous ghastly offering.

Sadly the bread remained like worst cardboard and sawdust. Having established that sausages come from the butcher, Nero’s next great leap forward must surely be to identify that they should be approaching a baker to discuss the supply of some bread. It would help a lot.

So overall, while Caffe Nero shows some signs of improvement since my last visit it is still a purveyor of weak food options. If their progress continues at this pace, I will be looking forward to a passable sandwich just about the time I won’t have adequate teeth with which to chew it. It’s the kind of thing that will keep me going through the dark times.

Written by BKR