December 13, 2017 Glasgow, Street food 1 Comment

The Roast Wrap Co

The Yorkshire pudding wrap seems to have emerged as a quietly growing phenomenon in recent times. I’d seen versions on the menu at Down the Hatch and Chameleon, but I’d not yet sampled one. I was glad to stumble across a stall called the Roast Wrap Co at the George Square Xmas market, the other day, so I could taste my first.


I’d ordered before I clocked the warning signs: industrial tubs of bistro; similarly vast packets of Paxo stuffing. There was plenty of good looking roasting meat so what was the need for this shit?

The answer: it’s an Xmas market stall cutting corners and comprising on what could be a great product.


I opted for the turkey version as seemed seasonal. ‘All the trimmings’ were Paxo, Bisto and freezer bag carrots and beans. Much sadness.

The Yorkie wrap had been sitting for a bit and looked leathery. The stallholder assured me I wouldn’t need another meal for the rest of the day. I certainly didn’t want another meal from here.

The dominant texture was cardboard; the dominant flavour disgusting desiccated sage. This was a considerable shame as when the turkey was liberated from this prison of pishdom it was really decent meat with a good amount of flavour.


So overall, at £7 a wrap The Roast Wrap Co was overpriced and having a laugh. Aside from the meat, which is what gains them a second star beyond their nae-fucks-given one star, what they had on offer was cack. I really enjoyed Glasgow’s Xmas market last year. This year’s was guff.

Written by BKR