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Solo Pizzeria – SADLY NOW CLOSED

I’m rarely an adherent to the method of visiting places more than once before reaching a verdict. For time and money reasons it’s almost always a one-time chance for me to be impressed or otherwise. But with recently arrived Solo Pizzeria it took me three goes to get things clear.

Where the Tailend’s fish n chip sit-in space once was – the takeout counter continues to trade next door – a wood-fired pizza oven has been installed. A simple selection of pizzas are listed on the menu, along with a couple of pasta and burger specials on the blackboard.

On my first visit I ordered one of their more complex pizzas featuring artichokes and olives. It was decent but it was just their second day of trading and I got a sense that the oven just wasn’t quite working to optimal levels. I left it a couple of weeks for them to settle in.


I next visited when I passed by on a sleepy Monday. I noticed their A-board proclaiming a margarita and a pint for £6. Given their tap beer is Menabrea or Heverlee, this essentially meant free beer or free pizza.

I ordered the margarita and sipped on a Menabrea while it was speedily fired. It arrived looking quite magnificent.

It proved to be the best Neapolitan style pizza I’ve had in Edinburgh. It was right up there with Glasgow’s Paesano for light, pillowy dough quality and extremely delicious topping.

I had to visit again, both to check it wasn’t a one-off fluke pizza from the gods and to see whether this insane offer was continuing or indeed having an impact on numbers.

I found the place once more fairly quiet, but thankfully the pizza was again on excellent form. And the regular price of £7.50 for a hefty beast still seemed like excellent value.

So overall, Solo Pizzeria is another serious pizza contender in the city. They are now producing pizzas of hugely impressive quality that are likely to delight. Make sure to visit soon and visit often.

Blythe scores Solo Pizzeria
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16/20

I ate: margarita

I drank: lager

I wore: stripes and denims

Total bill: £10.45

Address: 9 Albert Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HN

Written by BKR