December 10, 2017 Burger, Glasgow 2 Comments


Since the dreadful mediocrity of B Burger, a while back, I’ve been laying off both eating and writing about burgers. But on dreich Wednesday I fancied a meaty treat so popped into Smashburger on Glasgow Sauchiehall Street.


With 370 locations across 9 countries, Smashburger is a fairly big chain. I’d not heard of them other than having been vaguely aware of their Glasgow launch event via social media.

The set-up is fairly familiar but it was quickly clear that their approach is something of a ‘best of breed’.

Upon arrival, my friendly waitress Helvetica showed me to my chosen seat at their window shelf then asked what is sometimes a dreaded question: “have you eaten with us before?” Where Smashburger’s approach was different was that she then asked whether I’d like taken through the menu and ordering process rather than taking my answer that I hadn’t eaten here before as a cue to proceed to a spiel whether I was interested in hearing it or not. This was a small but significant improvement.

Fries and burger

The menu was simple enough and ordering was at the counter. Helvetica had advised that the rosemary and garlic fries were her favourite thing on the menu so I felt confident I should try them. I added their classic cheeseburger.

One of those dreadful buzzer things that I hate was handed to me, but in another small improvement because they were busy but not slammed my food was brought to my table rather than the buzzer prompting me to traipse somewhere to collect things.


The food looked much as expected although the decision to leave the top off the burger to show me a pretty ordinary looking cheese slice wasn’t the greatest of first impressions.

However, the burger proved very good. The bun provided good structural integrity and the burger itself was well seasoned and packed with flavour. The fries were crisp and well-seasoned so hit the spot in similar fashion.

In the case of both items, they were comfortably the best renditions of these dishes I’ve seen delivered at this type of scale so represent a notable benchmark in chain burger restaurants.

So overall, Smashburger did a very good job in providing me with two quality items. Service was very good, too, making this a well thought-out and smartly executed experience. I’d recommend it to you and look forward to visiting again.

Blythe scores Smashburger
4/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

I ate: classicsmash, smashfries

I wore: the

Total bill: £9.20

Address: 165 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3EW

Written by BKR