December 16, 2017 Chinese, Delivery 1 Comment

Oriental Delights

Another long week, another Friday night takeaway. This time Chinese was my cuisine of choice.

With a trusty delivery service app in hand, I quickly alighted upon Oriental Delights both because of their proximity and their mention of dim sum.

After a little toing and froing I eventually decided to open with their chicken and sweetcorn soup, then their dim sum selection, followed by their house chow mein. This came to a total of £18.70.

Items arrived on schedule. I started with the soup which was a very promising opener. It hit the spot in terms of flavour and texture and was replete with egg drop goodness.

The dim sum were disappointing in comparison. All but two of them looked fairly inelegant and tasted very similar. They were rather underwhelming.

The noodles brought things back to a surer footing with a decent box of noodles interspersed with a good mix of meats, prawns and bean sprouts. I enjoyed it.

So overall, it was a slightly mixed back from Oriental Delights. Their dim sum didn’t triumph but the other dishes were pretty good. I’d order from them again and look forward to trying other dishes from their very broad selection.

Written by BKR