Christmas Cocktail & Street Food Festival

This year’s crop of Christmas markets in Edinburgh is not quite as ghastly as in previous years. The blue boob on George Street is a gross eyesore, but the food quality on offer at the main site in East Princes Street gardens looks a notch better than previous years with the likes of the Pizza Geeks, Alanda’s and a pretty good looking langos stall offering a decent feed.


In addition to this we have a couple of additional sites in and around Market Street offering a rather more sophisticated take on things. Fireside from the folks at The Pitt working with Paradise Palms looks a good offering with the likes of the Buffalo Truck and Lucky Pig having taken up residence in the end arches.

Furthermore there is the Cocktail & Street Food Festival in the site of the old Tattoo office right next to the Edinburgh Dungeon. I popped in to give it a look.


With Seasons and Chameleon supremo Matt Urry at the helm, this brings together food from the mighty Feed along with several offerings under the stewardship of chef Phil Lynch – previously of the late lamented Black Pig & Oyster – as well as Abbi’s Pantry for sweet treats.

In addition to the downstairs bar where the food stall are located, there’s an impressive selection of cocktail offerings upstairs with bars from the likes of Aperol, Chairman’s Reserve, Grand Marnier and Buffalo Trace. I’ll need to come along for an evening visit to try them out soon.

I kept my eyes on the food prize by heading to Waddle which offers duck treats. I opted for the confit duck bun which came with pickled cabbage and spring onion (£6).


It proved excellent eating with profuse, flavourful duck topped with delicious cabbage encased in a lightly toasted bun. I enjoyed it a lot.

So overall, get yourself to the Christmas Cocktail & Street Food Festival. Entry is £2.50 and that comes with a free glass of mulled goodness. If you’re planning multiple visits buy a wristband (£12.50) that gives you daily entry for the duration up until 2 January. When there, make sure to give Waddle a look as I think you’ll be mightily impressed.

Written by BKR