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Bang’n Gourmet Burgers and Pizzas

A Friday night takeaway after a long week has emerged as a recurring pattern in recent times. I’d run myself into the ground this week so I did my menu choosing in the midst of an early evening nap.


I was looking for something new, as usual, so was delighted to spot Bang’n Gourmet Burgers and Pizzas. A little investigation showed that it’s a place that’s taken over from Braw, although I’m not sure whether it represents a change of ownership or simply a change of name.

I quickly settled on trying their chips and cheese followed by their take on the traditional Hawaiian pizza which was called the Honolulu and featured pulled pork and charred pineapple.

Items (totalling £15.20) arrived in good time but neither was to optimal temperature level. The cheese on the chips wasn’t very well melted either which was a shame as the chips themselves were quite well cooked and seasoned.


The pizza was a similarly tough eat. The texture of the pulled pork didn’t work terribly well as a topping and the base was hard and took a lot of chewing. It was disappointing.

So overall, Bang’n Gourmet Burgers and Pizzas didn’t live up to its name. Both dishes I tried were pretty weak. Hopefully they can improve with time as their ideas seem good but the execution isn’t there as yet. I’ll try elsewhere for my pizza fix next time.

Written by BKR