November 26, 2017 Chips, Delivery, pizza No Comments

The Chip Pan

To top off a weekend of cheese excess, a Sunday evening takeaway seemed like the lazy way to go.


A quick search of available options soon settled on The Chip Pan as my preferred outlet not least because they were offering 20% off the bill.

I was in the mood for pizza so ordered a ham, pineapple and pepperoni topped one. I added some chips n cheese. The bill came to £10.08.

The delivery man arrived very promptly, well ahead of time. With photos taken I tucked in.

Chips n cheese

The chips were of the very good chipshop variety. The topping was their pizza cheese which was nicely melted. It made for good eating.

The pizza was rather good, too. The base was lightly doughy and the toppings pretty satisfying. It hit the spot.

So overall, The Chip Pan looks to be a good place for takeaway treats. Both their pizza and chips were very good and dealt with my Sunday evening hunger with the minimum of fuss. I’d order from them again and would recommend them to you, particularly for their chips.

Written by BKR