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Passage to India

When Amy from Edinburgh Foody dropped me a line asking whether I’d been to Passage to India, I went back with my views – that it was a pretty ordinary pre-theatre tourist trap – and was met with a firm rebuttal that it was nothing of the sort.


The Edinburgh Foody peeps had been approached by a regular customer concerned by its lack of business. The glowing write-up of their highly enjoyable visit is available here.

Located opposite the Playhouse Theatre, it’s a place I walk past a fair bit so when the need for a meal in that neighbourhood came up, I took the opportunity.

Pickle tray

I was joined by my brother Grant who’d previously quested to The Caley Picture House amongst others.

The interior remains much as I remember it. It’s long and narrow and could use a refresh.

It was a quiet Sunday night so it came as no surprise to be seated in the window. We ordered a couple of lagers and considered the extensive menu.

Lamb chops

It looked broadly as I remember it with some tourist appealing fusion dishes such as haggis pakora. Amy had given a firm steer that the hiriyali chicken tikka was the must-have starter. I was planning to ignore her but Grant decided to order it. He followed with the chicken passander which is a perennial favourite of his.

I started with lamb chops and followed with their Kerelan fish curry. Rice and naan were added to share.

Starters soon arrived and quickly signalled that the standard of cooking was vastly better than on my previous visit. The lamb chops were very good with the accompanying herb dressing excellent. The chicken tikka was as good as advertised with the herb pesto splendid.

Naan, passander, rice

Main courses maintained the standard. The rice and naan were on point. Grant was very pleased with his dish and mine had really satisfying spicing and good quality pieces of white fish.

So overall, Passage to India was indeed miles better than on my previous visit. It still seems to be struggling to pack people in which is odd given how well the nearby dreadfully mediocre Shezan does. When looking for Indian food in this neck of the woods, this should be your first port of call. If like me you’ve not been impressed with it on previous visits I’m confident you’ll find it on rather better form than before.

Blythe scores Passage to India
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s questers were: Grant, Blythe

We ate: hiriyali chicken tikka, lamb chops, chicken passander, Keralan fish curry, rice, naan

We drank: lager

We wore: weekend shirts

Total bill: £50.25

Address: 20 Union Place, Edinburgh EH1 3NQ

Written by BKR