November 17, 2017 Coffee shop, Stockbridge No Comments

Lovecrumbs and Century General Store

Following hot on the heels of a review of the second branch of Castello comes a post about Lovecrumbs’ second shop, in the heart of Stockbridge.


Delivered as a joint venture with those purveyors of the essentials of Edinburgh tenement living Century General Store, the new place is tucked away in a St Stephen Street basement just a couple of doors up from the Last Word Saloon.

It’s early days and it feels like there’s some settling and growing into the space to be done, but it already has quite a magical hideaway feel to it.

I took up station on a wicker rocking chair after ordering espresso from the friendly counter woman.


They’re using Steampunk coffee and delivering it to an excellent standard. Today’s espresso was from an El Savador bean. It was top-notch.

I didn’t partake of the cake selection but it looked to the expected high quality standards we’ve grown to expect from Lovecrumbs’ flagship branch on West Port.

So overall, Lovecrumbs and Century General Store look well-set to be a much valued addition to the neighbourhood. The shop is an oasis of classy calm that I look forward to visiting many times again in the future. Make sure you look in, too.

Address: 22 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh EH3 5AB

Written by BKR