Land of Bourbon

I was sad to see the Pizza Tree police box close a few months ago as I’d really enjoyed their light and crisp pizzas with really good quality toppings. I was intrigued by the name of the place that has taken over the compact space – Land of Bourbon. American whiskey from a Tardis? Surely not.

Police box

Well, indeed it’s not a booze joint but is almost as unexpectedly a purveyor of Afro-Caribbean vegan street food. I was intrigued.

As well as coffees and other hot drinks, they offer a daily-changing menu. Today this featured three main dishes: chips with vegan cheese (£2.50); a vegan cheese toastie (£2.50); and vegan Buffalo wings (£3). I opted for the latter two which the efficient counter man was soon preparing to order.


He has certainly crammed in quite an array of kit into the space and he seemed to have things running very smoothly. My items were with me very promptly and neatly boxed up.

I started with the toastie. As with most vegan cheese the texture wasn’t exactly melted, more like a hot paste. There was good flavour from basil and sundried tomatoes and the cheese itself just about worked. I enjoyed it.


The cauliflower wings were a notch better with a very generous portion of beautifully crisp nuggets coated in nicely vinegary hot sauce. They were really good.

So overall, Land of Bourbon surprised and delighted. This was well-prepared, well-considered food that hit the spot very nicely. I’d recommend it to you, and think you’ll enjoy the cauliflower in particular.

Address: 22a St Patrick Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9EY

Written by BKR