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The Marshmallow Lady

When we first started writing Lunchquest, the original idea – not to say the working title – was He Ate, She Ate. We weren’t looking to evoke gendered dining preferences but to give a dual perspective. With MJ and I this manifested as “precise in her requirements” (she) and “will shove anything in his face” (he).

Exterior with fabulous signage

This served us very well but we soon found that a notable gap in our coverage was that we were both fans of savoury rather than sweet.

Cakequest helped us out with cakey views, but I’ve always felt that we didn’t quite do a proper service to places such as Mary’s Milk Bar that are clearly doing an excellent desserty job but are just a little too sweet for our palette.

In this regard, it was rather remiss of me not to have previously visited the Marshmallow Lady on Rodney Street. I know the owner Nicole and she has been a great reader and supporter of Lunchquest down the years. When I recently admitted that I’d never eaten a single one of her marshmallows it was clear that rectification of that situation would have to follow pretty speedily. On a sunny Saturday I attempted the required recompense.

Marshmallow shake

It was something of an irony to run into my friend Lea, who regularly contributed cakes and baking to the Scran Salon cause. Her cocktail cakes were greatly appreciated by the audience for that event.

I ordered a mallow milkshake (£3.50) opting for vanilla rather than cookies & cream. This arrived topped with caramelized mallow fluff and looked pretty smart.

It was a sugary delight that packed a mountain of tooth-jangling flavour. The fluff was excellent.

I tried a little sample of the key lime pie marshmallow. It was invigorating. I bought some lemon souffle mallows, too.

So overall, I can’t offer a score on the Marshmallow Lady’s work as I have very little in terms of a frame of reference. I think what Nicole is doing is of excellent quality and is highly pleasing, though. Make sure to visit soon.

Written by BKR