October 22, 2017 Chipshop, Leith, pizza No Comments

The Gold Sea

I misspent many nights of my youth in the Trinity and North Leith area. Consequently, I was all too familiar with the popular nearby chippy The Gold Sea, on Ferry Road.


I suspect it’s had a refit or two since my teenage years, but I was amused to note the menu aimed a school-age patrons from nearby Trinity Academy.

Anyhoo, my tastes are now entirely more mature so I ordered a sophisticated Hawaiian pizza which cost £8.60 for a 12″.

I elegantly nibbled on slices as I walked.


It proved a very good eat with the base packing good crispness and the toppings of good quality. It was a notch or two better than I had expected.

So overall, it was good to find The Gold Sea on such fine form. It served me a perennial favourite to a very pleasing standard. I’d be happy to visit again and would recommend you do likewise.

Address: 137-141 Ferry Road, Edinburgh EH6 4ET

Written by BKR