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Silver Bowl

Silver Bowl has been trading since 1968 which is a pretty good shift. I popped in to their Chinese takeaway on Leith Walk on a terribly rainy evening when I’d had a thorough soaking.


I contemplated their menu at the counter as I gently dripped all over their laminate flooring.

I settled upon three dishes: their Silver Bowl soup; a large crispy spring roll; and their house chow mein. This little lot came to £12.20.

Soup and roll

I wandered home to my abode and proceeded to tuck in.

The soup was pretty good. It featured a well-seasoned chicken broth packed with an array of whatnots. It was unsophisticated but tasty.

The spring roll was along similar lines. It was massive, almost into pie territory. The filling was mainly beansprouts but it was fresh and fairly enjoyable.


The noodles were again just a touch underwhelming. The mix of meats was decent but the dish was underseasoned and fairly bland.

So overall, I’ll give Silver Bowl the benefit of the doubt and award three stars, but I don’t think it’s a place I’d recommend to you. What I sampled was no better than fine and while there were no major mistakes it all just felt a bit ordinary. There are better places for Chinese takeaway so I’d steer you towards them when that cuisine is next uppermost in your consideration.

Address: 311 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8SA

Written by BKR