October 15, 2017 Leith, pizza No Comments

Leith Express Star Best Kebab Pizza House

There seems to be something of a competitive situation going on with the naming of some local kebab shops.


Adding to the Kurdish Best Kebab House and the Original Best Kebab House we have now been joined by somewhere that appears to be called the Leith Express Star Best Kebab Pizza House. Quite a mouthful. I popped in to check it out.

It was late in the evening and I was in simple mood so ordered my usual 10″ Hawaiian (£5.70). It was prepared to order and with me in good time.


It looked rather more eye-catching that many pizzas of this type with a profusion of topping. The ham was very neatly sliced.

It proved pretty good eating. The base was crisp but a little lifeless. The topping was pretty satisfying, though. It was a pleasing eat.

So overall, I’m not sure the Leith Express Star Best Kebab Pizza House quite lived up to its elaborate name but it did serve me a good pizza. I dare say I’ll be back for more as it’s pretty handy and I liked what I saw on this visit.

Written by BKR