October 25, 2017 Chinese, noodles, Street food No Comments


The Food n Flea market continues to do a really impressive job of keeping their trader roster fresh and interesting. When I recently visited to try The Peruvian, I noticed the next door stall was a purveyor of Chinese food. I made a note to visit and made good on that today.


Called Dragonfly, it promised home cooked Chinese delights. The array of pans and slow cookers looked mighty intriguing with the pot packed with chunks of meat particularly alluring.

I put my confidence in the stallholder. She recommended their combined pork and chicken noodle lunch special. £9.50 sounded like a fair chunk of change, but it was a massive portion that completely justified the cost.

Slow cookers

Aside from beautifully tender large chunks of pork, the noodles were peppered with chicken so blackened – yet not burnt – that it offered a really odd texture, sort of like desiccated rendang beef. It was oddly appealing. The noodles were of really pleasing quality. I really enjoyed the dish.

So overall, I must return to more dishes from Dragonfly’s menu. It offered a hearty and delicious eat on this visit and it’s a stall that I’d recommend you visit. Be prepared for home-style Chinese food that’s packed with flavour and character.


Written by BKR