Double Down at KFC

I like responding to challenges but some of them are more appealing than others. When a regular reader asked whether I’d tried a new creation from KFC that replaced a burger bun with two pieces of the Colonel’s signature chicken I wasn’t massively inclined to even answer, but curiosity got the better of me so I strapped in for a potentially bumpy ride.


The item in question is called the double-down bacon and cheese. The filling featured bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce. The photo on their website looked pretty unappealing.

The reality was…

Well, firstly let’s explore the branch at which I chose to sample this monster. Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh’s ‘cuisine quarter’ I have a strong sentimental attachment to the premises. It’s where I spent my formative karaoke days when it traded as The Burgh. I miss those days of seemingly limitless Blue WKDs and Baileys n ice.


Back to the reality of two pieces of chicken, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce plus fries and a cola drink costing a total of £6.29. I mean, how much of that is spent on the chicken? I was struggling to brace myself for what this could do to me.

Shop service was speedy but nondescript meaning I was soon wandering past the queue at Dishoom before taking up station at one of the benches across from The Ivy on the Square.

I had a little trip down memory lane with the distinctive sugar bomb of the cola drink. It was the first time I’d had that brand in many a year. The fries were all filler no killer.

The flavours of the burger were salt, sweet and smoke all of which came from the BBQ sauce. The chicken may as well have been bread. It offered crunch, so let me rephrase: the chicken may as well have been toast. The bacon could barely match the sauce for salt content.

So overall, it was quite something to spend a Saturday evening in the city’s premier dining district. I wouldn’t particularly recommend it to you based on this visit – or on previous visits to Wahaca and The Refinery – but perhaps I’m not the target audience. The double-down is likely to pique people’s curiosity, but feel free to take my word for it that it’s not worth the effort and move on with your lives.

Written by BKR