It’s interesting to see the little outcropping of wine bar eateries that we’ve currently been experiencing. The most cocktailish of these is Chameleon, which takes over the premises just next to Doubtfire Gallery previously occupied by Siam.

Halloumi fries

I know the owner Matt from his work at Seasons. Consequently it was tricky to get a really impartial sense on a single visit. Consequently, this reflects expereriences across a couple of stops.


While it finds its feet, it is cycling through a good mix of the available cameo bartender crew. The cocktail standard has been very high as a result.

On this visit I stuck to more conventional routes with a couple of grapefruit IPAs and one excellent glass of white wine.

Having sampled things like their schnitzel, oysters, croquettes and coronation chicken on previous visits, this evening I stuck to two more conventional options with their halloumi fries and hake on toast.

The food was of a really pleasing standard with the hake – essentially a ceviche – an absolute winner. The halloumi fries were very good, too.

So overall, while Chameleon is still a work in progress – and it seems appropriate to come back in a few months for a full review – for now I can heartily recommend a visit. I’ve been impressed by the quality of the food and the imagination shown in the cocktails. I look forward to many future drinking and dining experiences here.

I ate: hake, halloumi

I drank: ales, wine

I wore: red trousers

Total bill: £26.35

Address: 48 Howe Street, Edinburgh EH3 6TH

Written by BKR