October 21, 2017 Street food, Venezuelan 1 Comment

Caracas Gourmet

On a recent trip to the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market, when I stopped to eat at Cater Italy, I’d spotted an arepas stall that was new to me called Caracas Gourmet. I made a note to visit the next time I had the chance which proved to be today.

Stall board

The market was abuzz as usual. I said hi to the lovely Rachel from Hammond Charcuterie before ordering my filled cornbread arepa from the Venezuelan folks.

I opted for the beef and cheese filling (£6.50) which met with their approval. It featured locally sourced Scottish beef and cheese they assured me.

When handed over it immediately struck fear into my beard, shirt and trousers as the potential for drippy spillage seemed very high.

Indeed I made a right mess of myself with the shirt taking a comprehensive dripping from the meaty cheese juice.


Mess aside, this was a really satisfying eat with the cornbread of really pleasing quality. The meat and cheese came together for pleasing mouthfuls. I enjoyed it, muchly.

So overall, Caracas Gourmet looks to be a good new addition to our street food options. Their grub is messily hearty and really hit the spot for me. Track them down next time you’re looking for a snack full of character.

Written by BKR