September 30, 2017 Burger, Newcastle 1 Comment

Urban Grill Shack

Having accounted for the day’s coronation chicken needs at Chillipeppers, I wandered for a lunchtime amble around Newcastle’s Grainger Market.


I had no fixed destination in mind but when I caught sight of the Urban Grill Shack my decision was settled.

Serving bashed burgers prepared to order on an open grill plate, the pricing was very keen and the aromas alluring.

I ordered the classic which was essentially their take on a double cheeseburger. £3.50 seemed an excellent price.


The item was with me in double quick time looking very good indeed.

It proved extremely pleasing eating. The burger packed good beefy notes and the mature cheese brought melty tang. If the meat had been just a little better seasoned this would have been in 5-star territory.

So overall, the Urban Grill Shack looks like a really good place for a quick burger snack on the go. I was well impressed and would welcome someone doing this style of thing in Edinburgh. I’ll be back next time I’m in toon.

Written by BKR