September 10, 2017 Delivery, pizza No Comments

The Rig

I’m still returning to a state of equilibrium after my couple of weeks of jaunting all over the place. One of the consequences is that I still haven’t properly restocked the home larder so when hunger struck the other night, some takeaway pizza seemed like a good option.

From a quick flip through the various services that now help you to order things with minimal fuss, I settled upon The Rig, a chippy and pizza place.

The Rig in question had nothing to do with oil prospecting but rather referred to the nearby neighbourhood of Restalrig.

I stuck to my usual current pattern by ordering a pizza of the Hawaiian variety (£9.40). It arrived very promptly.

It proved a pretty standard offering with a soft and bready base and decent quality topping. It did the job with little fuss.

So overall, The Rig suited my needs well and fed me in the required style. It didn’t hugely quicken the pulse but I’d happily order from them again.

Written by BKR