September 24, 2017 Leith, pho, Vietnamese No Comments


Sunday evening seems to have settled in as my most likely time of the week to peruse takeaway menus. Following my latest contemplation I decided it was time to give local Vietnamese place Seasons a go.


This Seasons is not to be confused with Seasons on Broughton Street, the Scandinavian-influenced tasting menu restaurant. Or the Seasons in Melrose, of course. Popular name.

Anyhoo, a brief look at the Seasons menu showed that it covered many of the familiar Vietnamese bases. Accordingly I kept things simple with fresh spring rolls to start then beef pho to follow. With delivery charge it came to £16.40.

The delivery man arrived a little ahead of schedule and was full of effusive charm. I was soon tucking in to both dishes.


The spring rolls were really good packing lots of fresh crunch. They were a very pleasing start.

The pho came in two parts with the piping hot broth kept separate from the noodles, meat and whatnot during delivery. With the soup poured over I commenced splashing things all over my shirt.

The stuff I managed to actually get in my mouth was very good. The broth was light and fragrant, the meat flavourful, with the noodles giving things good substance. It was a satisfying eat.

So overall, Seasons did a good job of addressing Sunday evening hunger. I’d be happy to order from them again next time Vietnamese is what I’m craving. I’d recommend you do likewise.

Written by BKR