September 11, 2017 Beer, Kebab, Old Town 1 Comment

Mangal at Salt Horse

I’m a pretty regular visitor to Salt Horse and my stops have been of increasing frequency recently. Part of the reason for that, aside from their continuingly excellent selection of beers, has been the arrival of Mangal in their kitchen.


The previous food offering, the rather splendid burgers and chicken from Jones & Son, was absolutely outstanding so the bar was set very high for the new team coming in. The Mangal folks know what they’re doing, though, as they come from the same stable as Twelve Triangles.

This was not my first visit, nor my first time eating their grub. Indeed I’d highlighted the pheasant kebab as one of the 21 unmissable things to try during the August Festival madness.

On today’s visit I was in the mood for something less meaty so opted for their green falafel (£6). It came in the same style as the pheasant with a freshly made sourdough flatbread filled with the falafel, salad, relish and yoghurt.

Chips, kebab, murky beer

It was quite a beastie to attack. Bartender Henry advised that a burrito fold was a very practical solution, but I just lightly rolled things up and made it a knife and fork job.

The falafel were outstanding and they have absolutely nailed the bread which is just delightful. I’d added a portion on the dukkah fries (£3.50) and they were excellent.

So overall, it’s almost becoming boring how many five star reviews we’ve done of the food and drink at Salt Horse. I think this is the fourth one. It’s hard to view things any other way, though, as they keep serving up absolute excellence. Make sure to visit soon and when you do stop by say hi as I’ll likely be there munching away in the corner.

Address: 57-61 Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh EH1 1NB

Written by BKR