The Pastry Section

I was in two minds when a place called the Pastry Section opened on Raeburn Place. I suspected it wouldn’t be exactly the place for me given my general lack of sweet tooth, but I had a feeling it would add positively to a neighbourhood that already boasts the excellent Patisserie Madeleine for sweet treats.


I’d popped in largely out of necessity as it was pelting rain and my umbrella, purchased the day before, had already given up the ghost.

Their cake selection was something quite spectacular. Even as a dessert non-combatant I barely knew where to start.

I started with the espresso which was from the Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company and was to their usual fairly poor standard. Curiously, they source their decaf from Mr Eion. It would be rather better news for all concerned if he were providing their core coffee offering, too.

Gold Millionaire Bar

I took advice from the effusively friendly counter woman who steered me towards their Gold Millionnaire Bar. This spray-painted delight that had considerable eye-catching appeal.

It proved an excellent choice as it was one of the best dessert items I’ve sampled in a long while. The caramel was meltingly delicious and the shortbread core full of buttery goodness. It was entirely splendid.

So overall, once they sort out their coffee The Pastry Section will be an absolutely outstanding place. Their cakes are first rate and bursting with enjoyable creativity. Give them a look when next you’re in the neighbourhood. I’m confident you’ll be impressed.

Total bill: £5

Address: 86 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh EH4 1HH

Written by BKR