Share by Bespoke AwB

I’ve been a great fan of Angels with Bagpipes for a long time and really enjoyed their foray into pop-up dining with the Hidden Wing. That branch of the business has now developed into Bespoke AwB with their latest venture being a Festival takeover of the old North Bridge Brasserie.


I popped in for a visit and was joined by regular guest quester Anne, my sister.

I was greeted by a familiar face in the shape of a chap I went to school with. He’s a well-known figure in the Edinburgh hospitality scene. He showed us to a table in their smart dining area, which retains much of the stylish feel of the previous place.


The concept is sharing dishes, but they are well-equipped to suit solo diners and smaller appetites. We shared four dishes and I added three oysters. This was about right for our lunchtime appetite.

We opted for the Orkney lamb skewers with romesco and almonds; rib of beef with black haggis, turnip and garlic chive; barbecued peach with prosciutto and ricotta; and charred octopus with tarragon mayo. With sparkly water and unremarkable coffees this came to £47.70.

Sharing platter

First up were the oysters. They were handsome brutes that made for splendid eating.

The sharing dishes came on a smart wooden plank and looked very impressive.

We started with the peach which brought together an excellent combination of flavours. It was a pleasingly well-executed dish.

Anne bravely tried a little slice of the octopus tentacle and enjoyed it. It was first class and compared very favourably to a similar dish I’d had at Le Roi Fou.

The beef was of exceptional quality and the accompanying black haggis sauce was simply delicious.

The lamb skewer completed the set of excellent dishes with the romesco spot on.

So overall, it’s five stars for Share by Bespoke AwB. We were hugely impressed with everything we had. The place is very well located to provide an oasis of elegance away from the excesses of the frenetic High Street. I’d strongly recommend it. There’s plenty of opportunity to visit as they’re open from noon until after midnight throughout the Festival period.

Written by BKR