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Restaurant Bar & Grill

I’d been meaning to give Princes Square in Glasgow a look for some time but had never timed it to good advantage. After a fairly boozy weekend, I thought I’d start the week with something meaty so headed to the Restaurant Bar & Grill on the shopping centre’s second floor.


I was joined by regular guest quester Frances and Gail, who was questing for the first time.

While most diners sat outside on the bright terrace, we vampirically lurked in the shadows of a comfortable booth. It’s a smart dining space with an open kitchen revealing a large, wood-fired oven.

Steak sandwich and onion rings

The core of their menu is steak but there’s a fair old selection of whatnots peppering the list, with additional seasonal specials. It all felt a little unfocused but I had my laser sight on the steak so it didn’t prove too distracting.

We shared a starter of burrata with roasted peaches which was fairly unremarkable. Our meaty selections – a steak sandwich for Gail and lamb skewers for Frances, along with my ribeye – arrived at the same time and looked rather more assured. And so they proved.

Lamb skewer

Onion ring connoisseur Gail had ordered a portion to test them out. They looked good and hit the spot. Her steak sandwich was similarly warmly appreciated.

The lamb skewers looked good, too, and I had a little sample of a side of heritage carrot salad which was very pleasing.

My steak was seasoned to within an inch of being salty, but just about kept the right side of brightly seasoned. It was a good piece of meat cooked just a little beyond the rare to medium I’d requested. The accompanying chips were excellent.


I had to shoot off before the final reckoning of the bill, but I was left to reflect on an enjoyable lunch in smart surroundings with outstanding company.

So overall, I was rather pleasantly surprised by the Restaurant Bar & Grill. I’m not sure it quite knows what it’s trying to be but while it develops a clearer identity it’s serving good quality dishes to a pretty high standard. I’d happily dine here again and would be keen to try more from their meaty options.

Blythe scores The Restaurant Bar and Grill
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

Today’s questers were: Frances, Gail, Blythe

We ate: olives, burrata with roast peaches, steak sandwich, ribeye steak, lamb skewers, onion rings, carrot salad, fries

We drank: sparkly water, sparkless water, cola

We wore: royal blue, black, lilac

Total bill: I actually don’t know, but I reckon somewhere around £80

Address: Princes Square Shopping Centre, 42 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 3JX

Written by BKR