August 14, 2017 Grubcrawl 2 Comments

Farewell to Andrew Grubcrawl

Grubcrawl, grubcrawl, jiggidy jig!

Tonight marked a farewell grubcrawl for Andrew who’d previously crawled to Bourbon, Hoot and beyond.

Waverley Mall roof

Our adventures started atop the Waverley Mall where we took up station next to a blasting speaker much to regular guest crawler Tim’s chagrin. Connie and Liz rounded our merry little party of five.

Our eyes were trained on the menu from the seafood stall at the ‘Festival Village’ while I explained the relative merits of the Butcher Boy and the Signal Box to those that could hear over the music, which was no-one.

Smoked fish platter

We swiftly settled upon their smoked seafood platter (£27.50) to which we added a bottle of Argentinian fizz (£25).

The platter promptly appeared and looked very generous in its portion size. With slices of bread in the middle, there was an array of mackerel, herring, trout, salmon and capers strewn around the edges.


It proved a bright and cheering eat with very fair quality and quantity of fish. The accompanying bubbles were good, too. It was a really good opening to proceedings.

Next up was Civerino’s Slice on Forrest Road. This was my first visit to the second branch of the popular pizza.

This branch deals solely in 20″ New York style pizza with a vast array of options available to share or by the slice.


We settled in at a window table and discussed our various pizza foibles. We settled on a 50/50 parmigiana and Porky’s revenge, with magic mushroom and pepperoni slices added for good measure.

The base was slightly on the floppy side, but this was otherwise top-notch stuff. I was suitably impressed and must come back again for a more considered review visit.

Clark & Lake cheese

With further bubbles and beers our bill came to £63.20.

Feeling that we hadn’t done the cheese and wine thing quite enough for one night, we headed to Clark & Lake for “dessert”.

This was the first of our venues that I’d been in before so it was good to renew acquaintances. With wines and beers ordered, we took a moment or two to settle upon our cheese selection.

We eventually agreed the manchego, gorgonzola, brie and Shropshire blue. This came with toast, crackers, caper berries, chutney, membrillo and various other whatnots. Again, it was a good portion for our purposes.

The cheeses, sourced locally from Mellis, were great. Manchego is an enduring favourite but everything else was to an impressively good standard, too.

We were left to reflect on a highly enjoyable evening where we’d been amply fed on all of our stops. We paid the final bill which came to £34.10.

So overall, the grubcrawling road show rattles on with another successful evening of munching and wandering. We had three strong courses with it hard to pick a clear winner. The main thing was that we saw Andrew off in good style. Give all of these places a visit at your earliest convenient opportunity.

Written by BKR