July 8, 2017 Breakfast, Glasgow No Comments

The Wee Van

I have a soft spot for little greasy spoon vans that have clearly been trading since before “street food” was even the merest glint in the marketing folks’ eyes.


On various strolls between the city centre and Finnieston, I’d spotted a wee van called…The Wee Van and made a note to visit when the opportunity presented itself.

I was wandering past at around 9am so it was a breakfast roll rather than one of their “world famous” burgers that I was in the mood for.

I opted for a bacon and haggis roll (£2.50), delivered on a suitably crisp and fresh morning roll. Brown sauce was added as per my usual approach.


It proved very pleasing eating with the haggis particularly good. I liked it a lot.

So overall, I was glad to finally visit The Wee Van. Their breakfast roll hit the spot. I look forward to swinging by at a more burger friendly hour to see whether the burgers match up to the same impressive standard. Give it a look next time you’re in these parts.

Written by BKR