The Signal Box

For a further exploration of the charms of the Festival Village atop Waverley Mall, I wandered along to try The Signal Box, a purveyor of hotdogs.


This was not my first hot sausage experience in this environs. I’d endured the dreadful Original German Sausage late last year, but had rather better fortune when I visited Firedog, during the Six Nations.

The Signal Box is a converted horse box trailer that’s really quite eye-catching.

Their menu is fairly straight forward with a couple of sausage options and various toppings. I opted for their ‘special’ (£4.50) which featured a cheese, avocado, salsa and tortilla chip topping. Ketchup and mustard was added because it is mandatory.


Things were assembled to order in a reasonable quality brioche bun. It proved decent if slightly uninspiring eating. The avocado was rather like shaving foam, but the sausage was pretty good. It did the job with little fuss.

So overall, The Signal Box sits in a safe mediocrity between Firedog and the Original German Sausage. It will address your quick snack needs but isn’t likely excite much beyond that. Give it a look when next you’re passing.

Written by BKR