The Little Green Van

There are some odd paradigms that we’ve built up over the years of Lunchquesting. One is that when the sun is shining, I have the overwhelming desire for Indian food in ill-lit rooms; basements ideally.


I also have the longing for short dark coffee when the sun is bright. I feel positively Mediterranean in that regard.

For reasons that were almost entirely related to the postal service I found myself in the Portobello district in need of strong coffee. With promenading in mind, I headed to the Little Green Van.

They’ve been a fine purveyor of Artisan Roast coffee for many a year. I was pleased to notice a ristretto (£2) in their menu. I ordered it and they were delighted to report that it was the first such order they’d had in a while.


The punchy shot was delivered in a proper cup – no sense drinking such concentrated stuff in a paper cup – so I sipped as I took in the full majesty of the golden sands.

It was a beaut of a shot packed with the brightness you’d expect from Janzsoon but with plenty of warmth on the finish. It was extremely good.

So overall, it was pleasing to find the Little Green Van on such excellent form. It’s a fab and friendly wee place. Next time I’ll try something from their menu of sweet and savoury snacks. Make sure to visit soon, hopefully on as sunny a day as I picked.

Written by BKR