The Herbivore Kitchen – SADLY NOW CLOSED

The day was bright so a good stroll at lunchtime seemed in order. Accordingly I set my sights on the Meadows and stretched my legs.


My intended target was a police box I’d noticed a while back called The Herbivore Kitchen. It’s a spin-off from a local supper club that focuses on vegetarian delights. I’d not visited either previously so was keen to see what was what.

The poor woman in the box had a bit of a nightmare with technology during my visit. The normally reliable induction hob was playing silly buggers and refused to spring to life. Rather than prolong the agony I settled upon their salad box option (£4.50) rather than trying the curry of the day as originally planned.


The salad was comprised of green beans, sesame, pal choi, chilli and ginger. It was beautifully fresh and packed with aromatic notes from dill and plenty of citrus zing. It was really satisfying.

It came with a flatbread proved handy in mopping up the delicious remaining dressing. 


So overall, I really enjoyed the salad excellence from The Herbivore Kitchen. It was up there as one of the healthiest and invigorating things I’ve eaten from a street vendor. I’d recommend you check it out at your earliest convenient opportunity. And make sure to visit their new cafe on Clerk Street when it opens.

Written by BKR