The Butcher Boy

Things are starting to get all Festivally. The first set of the temporary food stalls to start trading are those atop Waverley Mall where last year the excellent Boxsmall provided the Festival street food highlight.


These concessions are an extension of Malone’s on the Mall where Firedog traded throughout the Six Nations rugby and Pizza Geeks have traded on since then.

The site brings together an extensive bar, hotdog stall, Champagne bar, seafood counter and burger purveyor. Of course as The Spurtle reported yesterday consent for this hasn’t yet been given, so this is another spledid triumph for those wondrous folks in charge of council planning.

Anyhoo, the burger stall is called The Butcher Boy and it was today’s choice.


Their focus is on burgers cooked to order on a grill plate. They also have an impressive looking barbecue from which they’re offering ribs.

I settled upon a burger opting for their take on a ‘dirty burger’ (£6.50). This comprised candied bacon, caramelized onion relish, cheese and gherkins in a glazed brioche bun.


The burger took a wee minute to prepare but that was fair enough. It was soon with me looking pretty good.

It proved a satisfying eat with the bun very good and the bacon excellent. The burger had good succulence but sorely lacked the expected meaty notes due to very timid seasoning. This was a shame as just about everything else was very impressive.

So overall, The Butcher Boy is not far away from having a really good street food burger place. More attention needs given to seasoning to get things really singing, but given the other elements of the offering are pretty strong, I think with fairly minor tweaks they should be a reliable source of Festival scran on the go.

Written by BKR