I’m a sucker for a good pun so when I caught sight of a place called Tempehtation on a recent visit to Stockbridge market I was in Heaven 17.


Tempehtation’s focus is on Indonesian cuisine which it seems uses tempeh to good effect.

I remember a tasting menu dinner with friends at One Square where I first encountered tempeh. It was the first time chef Craig Hart had encountered it as well, I suspect, but he did well to blend it into the overall shape of the evening for vegan diner and regular quester Arianna.

Menu board

They showcased the tempeh in a little medley of dishes which comprised Balinese rice topped with crackers, tempeh rending, sweet and spicy tempeh and a fragrant salad (£5 for the lot).

It was a massive portion. I started munching at the market then strolled along the road and was still eating by the time I reached Canonmills.


Everything was really tasty. The spicing was high making for tingling mouthfuls. The tempeh had a texture somewhere between dense tofu and soft nougat. It took on flavour very well, particularly in the rendang version and was an enjoyable eat.

So overall, Tempehtation was a fun and enlightening experience. I enjoyed the pun and the food and would recommend it to you. I look forward to trying it in other forms on future visits.

Written by BKR