July 18, 2017 Delivery, pizza 2 Comments

Rustic Pizza

It’s always a thrill to spot a new delivery trader on the various services that are out there to help. While others revelled in the arrival of McDonald’s on Uber Eats, the rather more interesting prospect of Rustic Pizza appeared on Just Eat. I was intrigued.


Their menu promised rectangular ‘al taglio’ hand-stretched sourdough pizza bases with fresh and high quality toppings. I was intrigued even more.

From their focussed selection of topping combos I opted for the mari e monte which brought together prawns, courgettes and salsiccia.

For the purposes of breadth of research I added a side of macaroni cheese. This came to a total of £16.77, including delivery.


It arrived promptly and in very good shape. The pizza was indeed rustic and rather eye-catching.

I attacked the mac first and was suitably impressed. It packed good oozing cheesy goodness.

The pizza was extremely good, too. The salsiccia bore a striking resemblance to lorne sausage – no bad thing – and the prawns were juicy and had a light smokiness to them. The dough was light and airy.

So overall, Rustic Pizza goes right up near the top of the takeaway pizza options in the city. They’re offering something a little different which is always good. I’d strongly recommend you give them a try and look forward to sampling more from their menu in the near future.

Written by BKR