July 23, 2017 Street food No Comments

Mojo Crepes

It’s shitting it down with rain. What could make more sense than to head to the nearest street food market for a crepe? Well, probably everything else ever but that’s still what I did on a dreich Tuesday.


My destination was the Food n Flea market which has provided good lunches at the likes of Duck in a Bun and The Buffalo Truck.

Today’s target was a stall new to me called Mojo Crepes. Ostensibly the market’s dessert option with Nutella and banana crepes to the fore, I was there to sample their savoury delights.

Menu board

One of today’s specials, bringing together mozzarella, ham and egg (£5), sounded like a good option so I chose that.

The friendly stallholder was soon about the task of preparing things to order. This was cooked in no time and soon with me. It wasn’t served in a way that particularly promoted eating on the go so I looked for a covered spot to commence munching.


It proved solidly decent eating with the oozily yolked egg a really welcome find in the middle. I enjoyed it.

So overall, I liked Mojo Crepes. I think there’s room for a little extra pizzazz to elevate things from the good to something beyond, but if a crepe is what you’re looking for they’re likely to make you something you’ll like.

Written by BKR