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Meat Jam

With my delivery from Rustic Pizza a few days ago, I received details of another service being operated by the same stable. Called Meat Jam, their specialty is burgers. For the sake of Burgerquest research I gave it a go.


They offered a range of bespoke burgers including one called the Tattooed Hipster. I kept things simple with their classic burger to which I added cheese.

I did things this way because their classic burger came with an intriguing sounding pretzel bun while their cheeseburger came in a more regular brioche bun.

I added some Lamb Weston stealth fries. Regular readers will remember my adoration for Lamb Weston seasoned wedges so I was intrigued to try this stealthy new product. I added a lemon lime drink to make the minimum delivery charge. It came to £12.80 in total.


Things arrived very promptly. They’d mentioned in their into that they had some fancy packaging to get the burger to you in best condition. The folded cardboard nest worked very well.

But first I attacked the fries. Lamb Weston’s website told me about the patented coating to keep the fries crisp and hot. The latter was achieved but the former much less so. They were decent but a little underwhelming.

The same can be said for the burger. It was in the fast food style, modelled at least in some measure on the execrable pish that Five Guys serve. It was a rather better than that but still didn’t overly please.

The bun was the standout item with a good soft density to it and really good structural integrity. It was impressive.

So overall, Meat Jam didn’t hit the same heights as their sister pizza business. The bun was great, but other items didn’t quite hit the spot. They included a little free square of brownie which was generous but again underwhelming. It was a hearty eat for the money but I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to order from them again.

Written by BKR