Heverlee Belgian Micro-Festival

Our Beer Man’s Verdict

It would be fair to say that Heverlee – the “rediscovered” Belgian beer which is a member of the Tennent’s family – isn’t an offering I’ve ever got that excited about. 

Despite trumpeting its use of “world’s most expensive hop” – the noble Saaz hop, apparently – I’ve always found it a rather generic offering.

So I wasn’t particularly enthused about Heverlee taking over the unused arches at New Waverley for a Belgian micro-festival, which runs until this Sunday, July 23.

Street artists are busily creating murals, while DJs provide the soundtrack. There’s a cinema in one of the arches, and The Pitt serves up some terrific Belgian-themed food all served, of course, with frites, including a traditional stew made with Heverlee.

Joris Brams

At the preview, head brewer Joris Brams talked us through some of his beers. The Heverlee lager still failed to impress, but the blonde was decent and the new IPA was really tasty – albeit a solid, malty beast with some fruit aroma rather than anything particularly Belgian.

I enjoyed the Heverlee event – and it provides an enjoyable little taster before the Festival takes over the city next month.

Written by BKR