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Bombay Spice

Although I don’t claim total city-wide coverage, there are certain neighbourhoods where I reckon I know most places. However, I’ve clearly been walking past Bombay Spice on Duke Street for years without noticing it. I recently rectified that.


It’s not a place that radiates welcoming vibes and further acquaintance with its interior confirmed this. It’s in need of a refresh as it feels very tired and worn around the edges. Most of their business looks to be done via takeaway and delivery.

I was in pioneering mood though so settled in to give their menu a good look. There was a very warm welcome from the friendly waitress who quickly offered me the drinks menu. As I supped on a cold tin of Tennent’s, I contemplated my choices.


I eventually setlled upon their mixed kebabs to start then followed with the jinga palak which promised “secret ingredients” but that it was made “mostly with prawns and spinach.” I added balti saag aloo daal, which sounded great, plus a naan.

Before that I checked out their poppadoms and pickle tray which proved pretty impressive. The lime pickle was particularly good.

The kebab starter continued the fine form. The meat was succulent with the lamb chunks especially tender. It was simple and first rate.

Main course dishes

The main course was another winner with oodles of spinach and profuse little prawns. The naan was very good and the daal was typically hearty.

So overall, Bombay Spice looks a bit unlikely but serves up really good food. Many will prefer to sample its delights via delivery rather than play with their dated decor, but it’s one you should consider for a visit as the food is impressive and prepared with considerable care and attention.

Blythe scores Bombay Spice
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
2/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 13/20

I ate: poppadoms, kebabs, jinga palak, aloo daal, naan

I drank: Tennent’s

I wore: linen

Total bill: £23.70

Address: 138-140 Duke Street, Edinburgh EH6 8HR

Written by BKR