June 14, 2017 Czech, Street food No Comments

Prague Shack

Saturday lunchtime often means a trip to The Pitt to catch up on the latest street food stalls.


The weather was a little mixed today with the ever-present threat of rain. I decided to dive in, grab something, then toddle off rather than lingering and sampling the atmosphere.

I had time to say hello to Laura from Scoff before deciding that today’s lunch would be provided by the Prague Shack.

Serving traditional Czech food, my eye was caught by a mention of goulash and dumplings (£6) so I ordered that.

Goulash and dumplings

As spit-spots began to fall it looked like my tactics and timing were spot on.

I soon found a good place to commence munching, after the camera had performed its required task.

The stew proved very good with tender chunks of slow-cooked beef in a suitably meaty gravy. The dumplings were soft and flavour-packed. It was heartily satisfying eating.

So overall, the Prague Shack is doing very good work. They have a permanent pitch on the south side of the Meadows so make sure to check them out there or at a future market appearance.

Written by BKR