June 11, 2017 Closed, Delivery, pizza No Comments


I was feeling done-in on a Friday evening so reached for the takeaway menus to see what delights they held this week.


Top of the pile was L’Antica, a chip shop pizza takeaway on Broughton Road. It seemed like a simple choice.

As has been my recent trend I opted for the Hawaiian pizza. I added some haggis fritters for good measure. This came to a total of £11.30 including delivery fees.


Items quickly arrived and the fritters in particular were piping hot. Accordingly I started with the pizza once it too had been given a moment to cool.

It proved a pretty standard rendition of a pizza I sample fairly frequently.

The fritters were a touch greasy but otherwise very satisfying with good bubbly batter and profuse haggis. I enjoyed them.

So overall, L’Antica did a decent job in addressing end of week hunger. On future visits I might be inclined to try more from their chip shop range as I think that’s where their strengths lie. Give it a go next time you feel the need.

Written by BKR