June 30, 2017 Chinese, Leith, Munchy Box 1 Comment


I’d heard a rumour that a Chinese takeaway very need to my abode, Jiuding, was very good so I’d been planning a visit for a wee while. With a few too many shandies having been taken on a Friday night I stumbled towards it little knowing the delights that lay in wait.


My quest for the ultimate munchy box had always skirted around its spiritual home; the Chinese takeaway. When I caught sight of a starter selection for the princely sum of £13 on Jiuding’s menu, I suspected I may be about to have my first encounter with the mythical beast. And so it proved.

The heavily laden pizza box was soon with me and once I’d returned to my wee hoose I could bask in its weighty majesty.

It comprised chicken balls, salt and pepper shredded chicken, chicken wings, ribs and chips. It looked fucking hilarious.


It all tasted pretty good, too. The chips were really brightly seasoned and very satisfying. The chicken balls featured a crunchily thick coating and good lean meat. The ribs were solid and the shredded chicken hit the spot. It took me two good goes to demolish the food mountain.

So overall, I enjoyed this munchy box quest to Jiuding. I’ve since been back for noodles which were simple and well-crafted. I’d recommend it to you and I will be back for many future visits.

Address: 30 Albert Street, Edinburgh EH7 5LG

Written by BKR