June 1, 2017 Bakery, Portobello 4 Comments

I&L Fraser

On a stroll towards Portobello, I ran into an interesting looking butcher/baker/deli in the shape of I & L Fraser on Craigentinny Avenue. I popped in to check it out.


I was immediately struck by the comedy mounted ox head above the counter. He looked like a low-end version of Clarence from Edinburgh Books.

The place offers a broad selection of meats, baked goods, plus a range of sandwiches, pies and hotdogs.

Sausage roll

My eye was caught by their sausage rolls (£1) so I ordered one of them from their warmer cabinet.

I trudged off back towards town, munching as I walked.

The sausage roll proved to be really good with deliciously flaky pastry and a hearty and flavourful sausage filling which made for rewardingly good eating.

So overall, I & L Fraser looks to be doing very good work. I’m keen to give their hotdogs a go, as well as their macaroni pies so a return visit is very much on the cards. I’d recommend it to you next time you’re looking for a quality baked snack.

Address: 2 Craigentinny Avenue, Edinburgh EH7 6PX

Written by BKR