Duck in a Bun

The Food and Flea market seems to be building momentum and really thriving. They’re managing to keep things interesting with a well-judged cycling of traders. Their latest stall was a new one to me called Duck in a Bun.

Menu board

It will come as no surprise to hear that the core of their offering is…well, duck. In a bun.

They also have a beef and good looking veggie option, but it seemed that the duck (£6.50) was absolutely the way to go.

The friendly stall chap is prepping things to order so set about the assembly job of bringing together the key components.


As well as confit duck leg, elements were listed as pickled cabbage, tarragon and duck yolk. I was intrigued.

I was soon walking away with a filled brioche bun which I munched on the go.

Atop the relatively modest amount of duck was a crumbed item that was essentially a bearnaise ball. It takes up deserved residence in Ball Quest’s hot ball list.

When I bit in, a large amount of the delicious sauce ended up in my beard but it was a mess of glorious proportions. It was a beautifully balanced eat.

So overall, Duck in a Bun looks like an excellent idea that’s being well executed. I think something needs added to the duck version to make it a slightly more substantial eat, but for now it’s a very good snack and one that I’ll be back to sample frequently.

Written by BKR