The Police Box with No Name

When Indian food specialist Nutan moved from the Bollywood Box to her own premises at Nutan’s in Tollcross, the police box at the furthest extremity of Bruntsfield Links sat empty for a little while.

In recent times I’ve seen signs of life from it but never caught the cafe that’s now trading there when it was open. After a recent lunch at Honeycomb we stopped by to check it out.

Box and smiling owner

The place focuses on coffee and simple sweet things. There was mention of cardamom tablet from nearby Coco but I managed to resist.

The friendly counter man told me that the box didn’t yet have a name, so I will dub it the Police Box with No Name.

Today’s coffee was a Steampunk fazenda pantano. I ordered an espresso (£2) as is my usual practice.

It was a very good shot with bright citrus resolving to a smooth finish. I enjoyed it.

So overall, the Police Box with No Name looks to be doing very good work. They should probably pick a name so they have an identifiable brand to promote, but maybe staying indecisively mysterious might work for them. Whatever the case, make sure to stop by soon.

Written by BKR